Mississauga Family Law; Steps To Winning Back Child Custody

By Mark Brown

When dissolving a marriage, one of the most intricate matters that has to be settled is child custody. It goes without saying that very few things in life are more painful that losing the custody of your children. If the law courts decide that your kids are better off under the sole guardianship of your partner or someone else, all is not lost. There are proven ways of turning such a sad reality around and regaining child custody. The first thing you have to do is hire a proficient Mississauga family law specialist.

Your lawyer would begin by studying your case. The professional will need to get familiar with the ruling of the judge and the aspects that may have led to your spouse or someone else getting the sole custody rights of your kids. It takes getting the facts clear for a proper course of action to be developed.

For you to find practical solutions for the problem at hand, you should first take note of the reasons that led to the loss of custody. Judges are obligated by law to act in the best interests of the children. It is hence important for you to stop assuming that the ruling was not fair and instead work on the issues that were highlighted.

The courts do not take lightly the choice to deny a parent of his or her parenting rights. If this has happened, the judge must have noted lifestyle choices or parental negligence that portrays you as an unfit parent. For you to correct this, it will be important for you to up your game as a parent and show reforms in terms of your lifestyle choices.

From this point, you should find out whether there are contingencies placed by the courts. These are possibilities that your child custody rights could be reinstated. In some cases, the judge will need a parent to attend parenting classes, receive counseling or go through drug rehabilitation before a ruling can be reconsidered.

Your attorney will only be of use to you if you have a good case to table. That said, you may want to deal with the alcohol issue or make reformed lifestyle choices before you stand in court again. It would be unfortunate if you were denied custody of your children twice.

Once you are ready to have your case evaluated, your attorney will guide you on the best course of action. Patience is a virtue that must be upheld and you will also need to respect the rules as you wait for the outcome of your matter. Be sure to diligently provide child support and also attend court hearings and court-appointed mediator meetings.

It takes having an above average skill set for any attorney to win back a child custody matter. The right professional will be ready to advocate for your rights and fight to protect your best interests. He or she will ensure that you do not end up making mistakes that would further complicate your case and make it harder for your parenting rights to be reinstated.

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