Go Cross Country On A Horse Drawn Carriage Oakland County MI

By Rebecca Hill

Space and time is boundless. A billion stars inhabit the galaxy are as other objects. Giant stars and dwarf stars collide to form a new one. Others implode to become black holes that gobble up matter. The cosmos came into being from cosmic dust but where this dust came from is a question that been left unanswered. Some theorists suggest that it is still expanding as observations have been made by astronomers of object moving further and further away for this planet that happens to be one that has life forms. One of these is man and as this creature developed the need to move her and there became apparent. One early form of moving was a box attached to wheels and hitched to a horse. Horse drawn carriage Oakland County MI is where one can back to that golden era.

The galaxy where the earth is at is just among many that is home to other planets and sun systems. The sun where the earth revolves is a medium star that is made of highly combustible gasses like hydrogen and helium. Earth is lucky not to situated near or else life could not have existed.

Crops are grown here, Building made by man are erected here, houses and residence abound hear as do factories. This is Tierra Firma. This is the solid matter that engulfs the surface planet surface. The huge continuous land masses and islands that hugs the surface is surrounded by bodies of sea water. Organisms of various sizes and shape thrive on land and in the sea.

The evolution of man from great apes took billions of years. By the time consciousness set in, the thinking brain began to develop and with this came the use of tools and the ability to fashion things from the surroundings. This two legged creature has come a long way from where it came from, sea creature that got stuck into land.

Man, the believer is capable of doing so many things. Since the dawn of time this creature has managed to evolve and make use of its environment. The basic needs of this creature can be found in nature. Food from plants and four legged creatures, Clothing from animal skins and plant leaves, shelter in caves and rock crevices. In searching for these items, man had to wander from place to place to satisfy the rigors of living.

This constant search for basic requirements of living has brought about an amalgamation of activities that needed to be managed. Production of things hastened to levels unknown before. The production of good requires resources. The exchange of goods with money has created this thing called economy and almost of man initiated activities is related to it.

Man initiated activity involves movement. This encompasses both people and commodities. The lesser time it takes to move the item, the better. It also requires less effort. Man graduated from travelling on foot to riding animals and now in modern times, in riding vehicles.

Often when deciding on something, an individual has to choose. Before making the selection, be it going on a tour or buying a thing or just for leisure, it will always do good to gather information and evaluate this in making a wise decision especially on the provider, the price, and the distance. Accessibility and convenience is always an advantage. The quickest and easiest way to collect this is by accessing and utilizing the internet technology.

No matter where this creature man goes, a trail of destruction happens. Like a virus that consumes its host so have the humans consumed anything that can be of use in this planet. The ecological imbalance has threated the way humans now live. Global warming is fast becoming an international issue. It seems that future generation will have to mutate to deal with the rapid reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere, a result of man not carefully rationalizing the use of the gifts of nature.

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