Life And Its Complications With Relationships

By Roger Kelly

The pursuit of happiness becomes the hardest expedition in life. Oftentimes, the very thing that would complement a person is by finding someone who can supplement its existence. There is no guarantee to where your heart might lead you. It becomes the quest and adventure alongside.

Along ones journey in life, you start to realize the importance of looking for that somebody to share your whole life with. Sometimes people do not need someone to complete them, just one person who can accept them completely. But there is no perfect relationship, there would be challenges along the way, and as it grows and keeps on, some happen to lose interest and starts struggling with intimacy.

Before finally tying the knot, it all starts at courtship. So, looking for that person that will court you forever is somehow a challenge. There are different manners of courtship. Some are hopeless romantic and would lure you with surprises. Some are typically straight forward. Some would drag you directly to intimate scenarios that serve as a label to them.

In this modern generation, one will have the courage to ask for the other persons digits or contact information. They then exchange messages from normal conversations to admission of feeling. It is such a cliche but admit it, you would not normally respond and invest time if you are not interested with the person, in the first place. Then, they become official. They mark a label to their relationship.

Somewhere down the line there will be disagreements between the couple. The couple might not notice it but slowly they are drifting away from each other until such time they realize it is already too late. Constant fights and arguments often lead to loss of interest for each other.

As time passes by, individual differences start to flicker. Arguments lead to arise. Misunderstandings become normal and sometimes could go to extremes. A person would then start feeling the loss of spark. The intimacy in the way you used to look at each other is now gone. The tingling feeling with their mere presence most especially when they are near is now lost.

One then tries to find some remedy to heal an about to be broken relationship. What comes easy typically would not last long, and what last long would not come easy. Two people need to put both their hands together to rekindle the lost mutual spark. Never leave just because of a few faults, no one is perfect, affection is always greater than perfection.

Unfortunately there are some cases where the relationship is no longer worth fighting for. Letting go is the hardest thing for a person to do especially if they have been together for a long time. No matter how hard it is, if it needs to be done then it should be done.

Saying I love you is very easy to do but is very hard to prove. Love is a word that has no definite meaning. If you have found the person who you decided to be with for the rest of your life, then fight for it and work hard for it.

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