A Brief Guide To Transpersonal Coaching

By Allyson Burke

Traditionally a motivational speaker or coach will focus on one aspect of a client. The client may want to focus on getting a promotion or improving their relationship. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this approach. However often one problem can have a negative impact on a range of other circumstances. Therefore you may wish to consider finding transpersonal coaching services for a deeper approach to your life.

The term transpersonal refers to looking beyond the person. While it is true that the personality of an individual can influence how they react to a situation and the problems that arise from that reaction this is not the sole influence on their behavior. A coach that uses transpersonal methods will recognize this and react accordingly.

All of these aspects influence the behavior of an individual. A transpersonal coach looks at their client and considers what is known as the voice of their soul. As every person is unique equally the coaching that client receives has to be individual as well, recognizing that one person can have a different reaction to the same set of problems as somebody else.

The opposite is also true. If you go to work having just had an argument with your partner then it is unlikely that you will go with a positive attitude. This then means you may end up being more sensitive to criticism and this may be something noted when it comes to a report or when you are up for a promotion.

However a coach can also go deeper. For example improved health can lead to reduced stress. This in turn can mean people feel happier and are more likely to be able to focus on their working life. This holistic approach means that a lot of the issues that can be obstacles to fulfillment can be dealt with in a way that you may not necessarily get using more conventional motivational methods.

It is also about mastering the self. This does not mean becoming arrogant or self centered. A coach looks at both the personality of the individual and their personal and professional circumstances. Over time they can help a client recognize how to look at how they behave and make changes for the better.

A coach can look at an individual and their goals. They can allow people to look more clearly at their approach to these goals and a more positive approach. This more positive approach can then feed into how they interact with friends, family and the wider community. Over time it means people recognize what makes them stressed and how their reaction can exacerbate that stress as well as introducing more positive coping mechanisms to deal with that stress.

You can find numerous transpersonal coaching services online. If possible meet with them in person to discuss their experience and to gauge how they interact with you. This will make it easier to find a coach that is compatible with you and will give you the best chance of reaching your goals.

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